Service Design

One area where we at SmartLabs Work have decided to undertake that is mostly erroneously left out by most service providers is service design. When a company is lagging in service design, the result is internal conflicts among co-workers and external conflicts with customers.

Service design does not rest around finding out if the service is market-fit. It is not seeking to know if your service is needed in your market. It has to do with how a company interacts with its customers when doing them a service.

Service design can be seen as a set of behavioural guidelines that a company plans to follow when interacting internally or externally with customers and the public.

A company that has well-designed services will have a high retention rate with their old customers while having excellent customer satisfaction with new customers. In such a company, the workers work as a team and have fluent communication and little or no administrative bottle-necks.

We can help you design your service to suit your market as well as customizing it to adapt to your work culture.


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